Rifle Length Discrete Home Storage

I found this video on YouTube when I was looking around for a unique idea for home weapon storage and I was quite amazed at the possibilities.  Gun storage has come a long way from the old simple, and let’s face it, ugly safes.

Today there are many reputable companies such as Dasco Storage that supplies many different types of weapon storage, including entire systems that are adaptable and customizable.

There are also kits and ideas for the person who likes to do it themselves, things such as the discrete wall shelf featured in the video below.  Doing it yourself gives you the chance to customize the size, style and finishing to match your storage area, even if it’s in you living room or bedroom.

Ppurchasing from a good company, like Dasco, ensures you are getting top of the line security and a system to keep your weapons away from prying fingers and eyes.  Large companies have plenty of options usually including different types of locks and locking systems.

My hobby as a gun collector has led me to have quite the extensive collection, some of which I transport regularly to shows or for sale, so I have needed to have several different weapon storage options.  I have very secure cases, on wheels, to transport weapons, tailored to different sizes, and I also have worked hard to ensure my weapons at home can be displayed but not end up in the wrong hands.  Of course my children have all been taught to respect the power of a weapon and they know that guns are not toys.

I also have a small storage unit for those weapons that I don’t use regularly, but even there I made sure to purchase a high quality safe to help ensure no one can simply break into the flimsy storage unit lock and have access to all my weapons.

If you have any great ideas for safe weapon storage, drop me an email; DarylGiles@zoho.com.